- Mission -

Our intention is to provide a small, private, member-only workout facility that provides convenience, access, and satisfaction for a select, and finite, group of people. It is not for everybody, but GREAT for some.

- About -


We are providing a facility that caters to a finite number of members and approved affiliates (trainers).

The goals include convenience and accessibility for members, while offering a varied provision of challenging third-party offerings.


It is our expectation that the members abide by all rules of the gym (including all posted signage in the facility). Individuals are expected to respect others and share the facility, and equipment, in a fair and generous spirit.

Your Gym

It’s yours! Make suggestions, hold others accountable, keep it clean, and recommend to your friends. Treat others as you would like to be treated.


An equal opportunity gym with no discrimination for any personal characteristic. All of us are working on some physical improvement. This facility allows for acceptance of any fitness level and/or the pursuit of any exercise goal, provided that the activity is not disruptive of general membership guidelines and concerns (subject to change as gym evolves).

What's inside:

Crawford Street Gym cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bike, etc.)

Cardio Equipment

Recumbent bike
Crawford Street Gym vending and towel shelf

Locker Rooms and Vending

Men's and Women's locker rooms
Locks provided for use during workout
Crawford Street Gym aerobic room with medicine balls, rope, and giant floor mat

Aerobic Room

Medicine balls
Bosu and exercise balls
Crawford Street Gym front weight room with adjustable bench, seated and standing cable machines, dumbbells, and more

Various Weightlifting Equipment

Standing and seated cable machines
Adjustable bench
Free weights/kettle bells
Crawford Street Gym back weight room with incline/decline/flat bench, squat racks, leg press machine, and more

Multiple Weight Rooms

Extra room to accommodate any and all workouts
Squat racks
Incline, decline, and flat benches
Leg press machine
Crawford Street Gym back room rubber floor

Plenty of open space

Back room features rubber flooring
CrossFit classes by Tread's Gym

What else?

WiFi and Cable provided for member use

Keypad entry usable at your convenience

Bluetooth/WiFi speaker system for single or multiroom audio via mobile app

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- Pricing -

Three ways to join.



Single member

Unique door code for building access

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Single + spouse/significant other

Unique door code for building access

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Corporate Discount Available

Volume discount for your organization's members

Organization members share a single door code for simplicity

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!

- Contact -

Gym Address:
121 E. Crawford St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Mailing Address:
BOMM, LLC (Crawford Street Gym)
PO Box 1602
Findlay, Ohio 45839

Roger Darr