Crawford Street Gym Reopens On May 26 With Many New Enhancements for Members


After being closed for a couple months due to the covid-19 pandemic, we will officially reopen the facility on May 26, 2020. While we’re just as excited about reopening as you are, this change comes with a number of requirements.

All Crawford Street Gym members must abide by the following procedures until further notice:

  • Every visitor must login at the front door and register their name, time of visit, date of visit, and temperature at time of visit.
  • Every member must disinfect every item used/touched upon completion of use.
  • No showers will be available for use until further notice.
  • Limited lockers will be available to achieve social distancing.
  • Limited cardio equipment will be functional to achieve social distancing.
  • Members will be expected to social distance from other occupants.
  • Appropriate daily cleaning will be employed by the gym to disinfect the facility.
  • The gym hours will be strictly limited to 4am thru 9pm to accommodate the need for facility cleaning. (24/7 accessibility will return when possible).

We ask that all gym goers, not just Crawford Street Gym members, do their part to stay clean and healthy so that gyms can stay open. It’s extremely important that we all work together to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Crawford Street Gym Improvements

We’ve been hard at work during the shutdown to ensure our members are getting a great value for their membership dollars. We take pride in the services we provide, and are always looking for opportunities to improve. Check out some of the things we’ve been working on:

New Vinyl Flooring

The flooring in the room with the garage door, which is used to be used by Jazzercise, has been replaced! This new water resistant vinyl planking is more non-slip, and offers better cushioning for your joints. Outside of scheduled events, this room is available for members to use!

New Rubber Flooring

Aside from the new vinyl planking and the bathrooms, the gym now has high-quality rubber flooring throughout. We’ve been looking forward to this change since taking over the gym in 2018! This floor is much better suited for your workouts, and is a significant improvement from the old carpet. We think you’re going to love it! (Please excuse the rubber smell until it subsides).

Rearranged Equipment

In addition to the new rubber flooring, the back room has also been rearranged to maximize space and usability. This should allow for more members to use the space simultaneously, and should make the equipment much more useful overall.

We’ve also got a number of new equipment additions:

  • Bumper weights (coming soon)
  • 3 new benches
  • More steel plates
  • Hex trap bar
  • New squat rack
  • Pull up/dip station

We expect these improvements to greatly enhance the experience for our members. Do we have what you’re looking for in a gym? Would you like to come see the gym in person? Get in touch and start your membership today!