We’re glad you’re here! Consider this the official announcement of our new blog. Fancy, huh?

We will be using this medium to connect with you during your fitness journey. You can expect semi-regular posts from our trainer, Corey Kissel, discussing fitness initiatives. Corey will be addressing three categories initially: Nutrition, Training, and Recovery. We may add more categories as we continue to write. Our primary goal is delivering information that is valuable to you. We will do our best to ensure that information provides a unique perspective on common fitness activities – especially those activities that are unique to Findlay.

In addition to the fitness categories mentioned, the Fitness Digest will include general updates from Crawford Street Gym management. This could be anything from physical changes, equipment additions/subtractions, or announcement of special deals or events. We want to ensure members and non-members are aware of the things we’re doing at the gym.

Please feel free to provide feedback at anytime. We want to know what you like about our articles, and what you dislike. This feedback will be integral in our mission to make the best private gym in Findlay. We’re Crawford Street Gym, we’re your home(town) gym, and we look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!