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Please complete this form to apply for membership to Crawford Street Gym. Completion of this form does not guarantee membership to the gym. If you'd like to make a general inquiry, please use the contact form on our homepage.

NOTE: A signed liability waiver is required as the final step to sign up. The waiver simply protects the business/gym should you injure yourself on the premises. There are no obligations on your part.

Click the button below to find the waiver. The completed waiver can be attached via computer or mobile phone, or you can hand us the completed form in-person at the gym.

Liability Waiver

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    Signed liability waiver required from each member prior to use of gym facilities. Door code will be issued upon approval of application. Invoices will be sent via email near the end of each month, and a link to pay is included. Electronic payment is preferred. Payment is due by the first of the month.